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The Secrets of Healthy Breathing

In a world brimming with complex health fads and wellness trends, we often overlook the most fundamental aspect of our well-being: our breath. The act of breathing, something we do effortlessly and unconsciously every moment of our lives, holds immense power to transform our physical, mental, and emotional states.

In this blog  I will explore the new science of breathing and provide you with techniques and exercises that will help you breathe more naturally.

You may be thinking – I breathe all the time! Why do I need to learn how to breathe?

In this fast-paced modern era, our breath has become an afterthought—an automatic reflex rather than a conscious practice. In James Nestor's book 'Breath', he reminds us that our ancestors had mastered the art of breathing, utilizing the full potential of their respiratory systems. But somewhere along the way, we lost touch with this innate wisdom.

The Power Within

The way we breathe directly impacts our overall health. Shallow, rapid breathing perpetuates stress and anxiety, while deep, intentional breaths can promote relaxation and vitality. Through scientific research and ancient practices, we uncover the remarkable capabilities hidden within our breath.

Unveiling the Science

We will review the science behind the profound impact of breathing on our bodies. From regulating heart rate and blood pressure to optimizing brain function, the breath acts as a conductor orchestrating a symphony of physiological responses. Discover how oxygenation, carbon dioxide balance, and the vagus nerve play crucial roles in our well-being.

The Breath-Mind Connection

Beyond the physical realm, the breath holds the key to unlocking our mental and emotional potential. Nestor's insights remind us that conscious breathing techniques have been used for millennia as gateways to calmness, mindfulness, and enhanced cognitive function. We explore ancient practices such as pranayama, Qi Gong, and meditation, which invite us to tap into the immense power of our breath.

Harnessing the Breath

Through a series of exercises, we learn to cultivate healthy breathing habits that can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. From diaphragmatic breathing to alternate nostril breathing, we unearth an arsenal of techniques to optimize our respiratory well-being.

Breathing for a Better World

As James Nestor says- Breathing is a key input (for our health and wellbeing), the 15 kilograms of air that passes through our lungs every day and that 1 kilo of oxygen our cells consume is as important as what we eat or how much we exercise.

Breathing is a missing pillar of health.

Check out James Nestor's book 'Breath' by clicking here.

Check out some instructional breathing technique videos by clicking here.


Dr Mark has a special interest in helping recreational athletes of all ages perform better and prevent injury. Correct breathing and postural alignment are critical for top performance and injury prevention and is an integral part of “The Over 40 Athlete System” that Mark has developed.

Dr Julie has a special interest in helping mothers and “mothers to be”. Her Post Graduate qualifications in Paediatric Chiropractic and as an ex-midwife give her a unique ability to help pregnant women, new mums and their young children.

For an appointment please call 9428 4033 or through our website here. 

Yours in Health

Dr's Mark & Julie


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