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Our Team

Julie Uren - Chiropractor
My interest in becoming a chiropractor developed while spending some time working with Mark as a chiropractic assistant. I was working as a midwife at the time and had been for many years.
The health improvements I observed in people under chiropractic care influenced my decision to change career paths and study chiropractic.
After 9 years of part time study with two young daughters and working as a midwife I completed my Masters of chiropractic in 2005.  I have since worked at Lane cove chiropractic Centre and love working with the families that come in for care.  I have a special interest in the care of children and pregnant women. Consequently, I have done many years of further study in these areas.
Although I am no longer a registered midwife I believe my 20 plus years as a midwife have helped me better serve the pregnant women, babies and families that I see each day.
As Mark stated chiropractic is not just a job for us it is a way of life. Many weekends we spend improving our knowledge at chiropractic seminars and workshops.  We meet regularly with a group of Sydney based chiropractors to network and share knowledge around chiropractic.
I also enjoy presenting to chiropractors on the care of pregnant woman. I co-host, organise and present at a yearly paediatric conference for chiropractors , to raise funds for research into the chiropractic care of children.
I also love to run in house pregnancy and children’s health talks. 
I am a board member on the special interest group for paediatrics for the Australian Chiropractors Association. 
My interests outside chiropractic include cross fit, walking, eating great food, reading , listening to podcasts and spending time with friends and family.
By far my greatest achievement is the parenting of our two delightful daughters Mia and Hanna.
Thank you for joining our family here at Lane Cove Chiropractic Centre. We look forward to giving you great care and watching yourhealth progress.


Mark Uren - Chiropractor

After completing my Diagnostic Radiography degree in 1979, I was introduced to Chiropractic by a colleague whose brother was a Chiropractor. After spending a day watching him in practice and discussing Chiropractic with him, I knew I had found my calling. I graduated from the Sydney College of Chiropractic in 1984 and have been practicing in Lane Cove ever since. 


Besides my work here at Lane Cove Chiropractic, I am on the board of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, and have formerly been a director and board member of the Chiropractor's Association of Australia, and a committee member of The NSW Chiropractic Council. I have previously been involved in the Professional Advisory Board at Macquarie University in the Department of Health and Chiropractic, and I also regularly speak at professional conferences and seminars around Australia. 


I am married to Julie who is also my partner here at Lane Cove Chiropractic and we have two beautiful daughters. I enjoy sport and have a background in Rugby Union and athletics. Being fit and healthy is a great lifelong passion for me so I exercise and get adjusted regularly, and love to compete in events like the City to Surf, half marathons and have done the occasional triathlon and marathon.


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Ann - Chiropractic Assistant

I was born in Sweden and have lived in Australia since 1984. I am enjoying life as a mother and grandmother. I understand that being healthy is something you have to work at. I really enjoy working at Lane Cove Chiropractic, in an environment that helps people maintain their health and live life to the full.



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Ali - Chiropractic Assistant 
I am currently studying social work at UNSW after taking a year off from studying, spending that year teaching English in Vietnam, travelling Asia and working.

I am extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with Mark and Julie.

I’ve always been extremely sporty, having grown up playing a wide range of sport (soccer, netball and touch football) and I value keeping fit and healthy.

Before being welcomed into the Lane Cove Chiropractic family I knew absolutely nothing about Chiropractic care and had never experienced it.
After reading about it and learning from Mark and Julie I now get regular adjustments and have already noticed positive changes in my overall wellbeing after only a short time.

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Christina - Chiropractic Assistant 

I have been part of the Lane Cove Chiropractic family for 5 years and I absolutely love working here. Mark and Julie are beautiful people and amazing chiropractors.


Before working here I had never experienced chiropractic care. I now get adjusted regularly and have seen many improvements in all areas of my life.


Coming from a background in fitness and nutrition I know how important it is to move your body and eat mindfully every day. Chiropractic has allowed me to have a better connection with my mind and body in order to provide it with the tools it needs to function happily. 





Hannah - Chiropractic Assistant
I'm originally from Lake Macquarie and moved here 10 years ago. In that time I met my soon to be husband, worked with children in a pre-school for 5 years and have loved my time living in Sydney creating my little home away from home. 
I have always had a great interest in sports growing up participating in Dancing, X-Country, Little Athletics, Swimming and Nippers; during that time I experienced my fair share of practices that helped me recover from injuries and maintain a greater level of health to sustain me throughout not only being very physically active but just in life too. 
I have always had a passion for complimentary health, finding the root of a problem and working with the body to help heal itself. I have now reached the stage where I want to learn more, I am currently studying Diploma Remedial Massage and an Introductory course for Health Science. 
Working at Lane Cove Chiropractic has changed for me the stigma of chiropractic being about getting "fixed" and has now cemented the philosophy of health coming from the inside - out and the connection we have with ourselves, I am very eager to be part of this Lane Cove community. 
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