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Welcome to Lane Cove Chiropractic

We would like to tell you a bit more about ourselves and what we do here at Lane Cove Chiropractic. Scroll down to see an interesting video about chiropractic, and to find some quick exercises you can do anywhere.

About Dr Mark

After completing my Diagnostic Radiography Diploma in 1979 I was introduced to Chiropractic by the Chief Radiographer at Ryde Hospital whose brother was a chiropractor. After spending a day with him at his practice I knew I had found my calling and graduated from the Sydney College of Chiropractic as a Doctor of Chiropractic 5 years later. I started practice in Lane Cove with Dr Ron Whittaker immediately after graduation and took over the business of Lane Cove Chiropractic 5 years later and I’ve been here ever since. Besides my work here at the practice I have held many positions in the chiropractic and health profession. I have served in one capacity or another in the Australian Chiropractors’ Association (ACA) over a 15-year period. I’ve held the positions of Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and currently serve on the Committee for the Eastern Region of the ACA. I have also held lecturing and tutoring positions at Macquarie University Department of Chiropractic. I held positions on the Board of The Australian Spinal Research Foundation and the Radiology Advisory Board of the Department of Health and Aging for the Australian Government. I know it sounds like I eat, sleep and breathe chiropractic but I have other interests as well. Julie and I have 2 beautiful daughters, Mia and Hanna who are both adults now and our older daughter, Mia has recently had a baby girl, Daisy. Daisy is our first grandchild and we both love spending as much time as we can with her and watching her grow and develop is such a delight. Another big interest for me is staying fit and healthy so I run regularly and also do CrossFit several times a week. I get motivation from knowing I have a goal to train towards, so I enjoy competing in distance races as well entering CrossFit competitions.

About DrJulie

My background is as a Midwife of 25 years. It was while working in Mark’s practice many years ago as a chiropractic assistant that I was inspired to study Chiropractic. With two young children in tow, I studied Chiropractic part time and worked as a Midwife part time. After completing my chiropractic studies in 2005 I started work at Lane Cove Chiropractic. Caring for people of all ages has been the greatest joy. My area of special interest is in Pregnancy and the care of children. Most of my post graduate study has been in this area. I feel so privileged to care for women during their pregnancy, into parenthood and after birth. Also, the joy of watching their babies grow and develop over the years. We love the sound of children in the office, if you come in at a peak time after school you can expect some busy children in the office. As Mark already mentioned Chiropractic is a way of life for us and we aim to walk our talk around health. We also love to keep up to date in our field so we can best serve your needs. I sit on two committees for the Australian Chiropractors Association as well as present at and organise two chiropractic conferences each year, around the care of children and pregnant women. I am a diplomate of the Australian College of chiropractic paediatrics. A two year course on the chiropractic care of children. Outside Chiropractic I love family time especially with the new addition of our grandchild Daisy Rain to our life. She is just delightful. CrossFit 3 times per week is my regular exercise along with regular walks around our spectacular harbour. I also have a passion for great food. Dr Julie Uren, Paediatric Chiropractor (As awarded by the Australian Institute of Chiropractic Education 2022)

Introduction to Chiropractic

In this introductory video we explore what chiropractic is all about, and how it works, then we briefly explore the evidence informed effects of chiropractic care.

Posture Correction Exercises

Click the button below to access some easy to do exercises that you can start now to help improve your posture.

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