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January Spotlight - Backpacks and Posture

It's back to school time and a good time to think about getting the kids ready for the year ahead. Has your child got the right backpack? Is it too heavy? Are they wearing it correctly? Find out the do's and don'ts in our January feature article.

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School Backpacks - more than a pain in the back?

In the leadup to school, don't forget that your kids backpacks can really take a toll on their spinal health. The followng article shows how to choose the right back pack, and how to best pack, lift and carry a backpack.

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More steps for a longer life

An interesting study from Medical Observer - the more steps you take, the longer you live. Please encourage those around you to be as active as they can for as long as they can!

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Help Support Mark


Our very own chiropractor, Mark Uren, is competing in the Rebel Run Sydney, and has a target of raising $5000 to support the Association for Children with a Disability. He's over half way to his fundraising goal - check out Mark's story 

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Posture please!

Do you think about your future health? What do you do now to make sure you are healthy in the future? We live for the now (which is great!) however, there are habits we have that can impact on our health later down the track.

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